Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Picture Shoot.

I so badly wanted to do my own little picture shoot in part of my house but after working so long on the yard and working late nit's just took its toll. I will so deeply try to make it up and do it. I have older picture but none look good enough to post on any where. I also will have to try to do some work with my yahoo group to get more people to join there. I'm trying so hard to make things simple fly in to place but all it looks like is a big bird splat on my windshield. The flavor is got to be there or I just lose interest in it. Got to have spice of life to show who I am.

I am me hear me roar. I shall try to venture out in this big world and make my voice heard. i will not pass in to the nit like crying howls of a wolf. I shall raise my hands to the sky to embrace my joy and embark on this new journey I call LIFE. Ladies please take a stand don't let silence be your voice. Speak your mind challenge your self each day to get stronger smarter. If one door close hope will open one more for you.


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