Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I can say that I had to take some time away from here to do some thinking on things. I did try to change for some body and well it turned out they tried to change me instead. I found out that some body that I thought I could get along with turned out to be some body that wasn't open minded to some body like me. I then slowed down to come back down to earth. I then found the one person that I thought had been lost to me was waiting to take me back after all the time. I can say that she took me back with open arms. I can say that I have been also having talking time with some of my long distance family getting some good things are looking up. I find that they like how we now have a common ground to talk about. I mean one day my cousin asked me about some fashion tips and she liked how I paired out a very nice outfit for her. I can say that this made me feel so good inside about that. I can say that I will be having more open time to give tips to her and plus she will do the same for me too.