Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Embrace of Who I am.

I can say that I have come to terms that I am not two different spark living the same body. I have come to terms that I enjoy being who I am. I have to take step to enjoy who I am no be hiding behind the lines that have been drawn in the sand so very long ago.

I vent out due the ideals of others that we have to keep to one role based on what we where born. This new world that has been around for god only know years is only getting stronger due to many people trying to embrace it. The news make showing of us. but still there are so many that fear us that don't know what we are.

I have gotten odd looks due to me walking in to a store wearing some female clothing and well not being female by birth. I hear whisper about me and I turn to them and just smile. Do people hate me for being me or do really hate that I look better in what I have on than they do. i don't have a female body but I am proud to be who I am.

If I spent more time making my self out then maybe they wouldn't fear me or whisper when I walk around. i have come to terms to merge my two sparks as a male and female in to one and grow more as a person instead of tearing my self apart. I love my body I love that that I am transgender. My kid does so to she has learned that I am not sick or mental but she enjoys helping my clothing style. I tell her that maybe some day we could share cloth and she just laugh telling I'm too big for her stuff. I'm filling both roles as a mother and father in her life so I am teaching both side too. This my story this is my embrace of who I am.


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