Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Work Day Blues

I can say that I am bound to hide my self at my job due to the nature of the type of work I do. I can't express my self like I want to do so. I did when I was on one shift and then when I moved to my new shift their I had to watch what I wear. Some of them are young fools and other old men that fear change. I find my self putting my feminine clothing on under my normal work clothing. When I do that I start to get hot and bothered doing my job.

I try so hard to blend in to my surrounding  and yet things do work out like they should. I feel that I work my self to the bone to make my self blend. The people that I try to call my friends don't get what I am. I find that my life is partly hidden due to who i am. If i could be more open with people that I call my friends then I would feel a lot better.

I find that when i am fulled dressed out thing feel much better. I don't feel bound to one form like when I am at work. I have to hide that I have woman's clothing on just so I don't get teased about it. I have a big fear that some body is going to find out and then all hell will break free. Like how I work will not get trusted that line for me will be drawn. Those kind of fears lay awake in my head all nite long as I work my fingers to the bone. I hope my life will show a up side some day.


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