Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dark Fear

I can say that I almost hit rock bottom. I felt sad and down due to how my life is going no where to fast.I tossed on a pair of my skinny jean and my sport bra. I stepped out to see how the weather was and so far not too bad. I had to duck out real quick cause I didn't want any body in my little town to see me just yet. I mean that I do dare to step out in some feminine jean and a few tops too. I can say that I had to keep my daring steps out to a short time cause I am not sure how people would react to my transformation from what they know to what they see.


Calie said...

Hi Laura. I so feel for you, girl. I live in an area where "we" are all around. It so helps to have someone like you to talk to, over coffee, lunch, or whatever. I hope you find that person in your little town or nearby. It really helps.

Calie xxx

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