Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheap Thrill

I can say that today was a fun time. I got on my way home from work when I notice that my van was starting to over heat. I thought oh this not what I wanted to face on my way home right now. Lucky me I had packed a couple of jugs of coolant to hold over till I got home. Thats not the real trick but what how I was dressed was the real trick. I was wearing a knee length black dress and a pair of my favorite heels. I pulled over to put the coolant in and trying to keep the wind from lifting my dress up was fun.

There is so much more that I had to do was trying to keep the dress down and not let every body see what I had on under it.  I almost spilled the coolant down the front of my dress and shoes too. The side of a highway is not the best place to be doing it but I had to or mess up my van. I had a laugh cause after I got every thing settled  and headed back in to the van a big truck blows by lifting the back of my dress flashing every body my rear. I had a long laugh on my way home.

I can say for once I was daring enough to stop to fix the coolant deal with my van while I was dressed up. I never would have done that before. I am taking more pride in my self and feeling my freedom open up to it now. But I think the lesson I learned the most not to wear a dress on the side of the highway and  watch for big truck to fly by too. I think I today after some rest I will try to do a little picture run to see how I turn out and maybe be daring that way too to post it out there.  Time to bring Laura out to the world that just hiding in my own little house all dressed up.


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