Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Daring!

I can say that I have become more daring with things. I have made steps outside dressed up a little here and there. I can say that I have come home from work not wearing the same clothing that I went to work in. I had made so many step in changing things around my house to make it better. My biggest fear is that some body will come over while I am in a female mode and start some thing with me. I mean it could be a family member or a friend here. There are people around me that just dont get what it feels like to dress out of the normal. I express my self more and more every day getting braver and stronger about it. I can say that I dont know to much how this little town would react if they found out that they had a transgender person amoung them. Would the look at me as the same person or as a freak and try to drive me out of town.


Karen said...

Hi Laura,
I hope your blog helps you with your thoughts, fears and whatwver else. I know mine have for me.
Look after yourself.

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