Friday, December 3, 2010

Fallen Path

I have been working alot of hours at my job trying to take care of the home and with holidays knocking on the door its no fun any more. I think that I should use this to vent to express my self but so far late at night I find my thoughts are random. I mean that I do have to hide that I wear female clothing from most on lookers around me and at work too. I have lately gotten to the point where I mix and match some clothing to bring my self around. There are days that I have gotten almost full dressed up but for make up. I choose one day to have my hair cut short and dont know why I did it. I find that my self is lost in the every change of life now. I find that the same old me just getting mixed in to some body new and a little odd . I guess that I am fearing the changes cause I don't want to really know that well my life has changed or that my being is growing. I do find that my little girl is taking a new liking to seeing me dressed up like a woman its kind of a bond that we share. I share this bond with a few family member but I am so badly wanting to come out and say hey I'm a cross-dresser and very much proud of it. I love wearing woman clothing and shoes cause they are so very off limits but also cause they let me express my own personal freedom. If any body gets a personal ideal for a photo of family ho ho cards to well let the news out to the family then please share it with me.


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