Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lost soul

I guess that I have been doing some soul searching and well things have gotten crazy along my path. I have only done a few trips outside since the start of winter and haven't made to much more any more. I guess that I am back on the fence line thinking about things. I guess that I have been trying so hard to move forward and be more bolder with things. I have had to put things under wrap cause of fear  about some body finding out and turning it in to a BS fight on my life style. I have found that my life is a twisting and turning life fulled of fear and hidden truths  I haven't let try to let any more in to my little world since the breaking up of my GF. That has been a year or so ago to afraid to let any body see past my one shell. I feel like my circle is grown like a hang mans rope around my neck waitiing for some body to hang me up and out to dye and dry.


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