Monday, September 13, 2010

Slow Return

I can say that I have slowly gotten back in to doing my own little things around the house and plus adding some new things on my way home. I mean that I wait till the coast is clear before I change my outfit from the hard working male to a gentle but kind hearted female or the any thing along those lines. I have tried on many outfits and put together some real nice ones. I drive home dressed up letting other drivers see me as the female side while on the way to work people see me as the working male. I know that I have chosen a duel side kind of life style that some may question me about. i can say that I have final feel some freedom and realism of the life I live. I mean for the longest time I have to hide every thing from any body and every body. I didn't want to chance that some body would take what I do wrongly.  I find that now that I have gotten back in to my normal deal things will be more settled. I think that I shall start writing more t reflect back on my life changing times and what events was or had happen in my life to make me who I am today.


Claire L Hallam said...

Great to hear from you again Laura, and I'm looking forward to hearing more

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