Friday, May 7, 2010

Am I being brave or following my own path?

I can say that when I started to do this I was scared about it. I did think any body would connect to me or read what I write. Then I started to branch out make friends and things. That gave me hope and spirit to do more. I have been trying to make things clear about what I am here for. I can say that I see allot out there putting their own face to this world and time for me to do the same thing. I can say that I have been doing some reinventing of my self and the world around me. I'm taking more daring step in the day light hours around where I live to dress up as a woman. I'm letting go of my shadow past that I had about this side of my life and building things up. No I'm not going to go out and have my sex changed sorry but that's not me.

I love having what god gave me and all but I have final fused my spark of my male and female side to make one whole person. I'm not a man trapped in a woman's body and I am not a woman trapped in a mans body. I final  like the act of dressing like a woman and its some thing that comes natural like breathing air or taking a walk.My taste for this life is mine own. i know that there has been many that came before me and blazed a path other gender boundaries breaking but guess what its time for me to break my own boundaries as a person. Like any person I have feelings I have hopes but its based on what I want out of this life not what some body made me do or what some body before me did. The path less traveled is where you will find me. Building there for any to follow or any to help on this adventure called life.


Sophie Jean said...

Hi Laura,

We must all tread our own paths. If we tread someone else's path, we will never be happy; but that doesn't mean that we can't take inspiration from parts of the paths of others nor does it mean that our paths don't ever merge with others for a time, in which case, we enjoy having a temporary traveling companion.

But, most of all, I have found that it is the path that we travel that shapes and defines us.


Halle said...

Hey Laura,

Just a comment to let you know that I for one am interested in knowing how you are doing along that path of integration that so few have traveled. Wishing you well, sis!


Claire L Hallam said...

So Laura, where are you girl? You've gone very quiet, hope you're OK? Claire

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