Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally Breaking My Gound.

I am taking bold step in my path show who I am and becoming out of my shell. I have talked about doing so but never have done it. I have final come out of my shell and started to do things more strongly. I can say the time form my fear has come and gone. Time for a new person to stand fast and let my face be seen. I am final doing less talking and more action. I know that I want to do outside shoot and some of my dress's too. I final have guts to show my face and let it be know I am a person of flesh and blood and not a bad looker too. But things has to get better for me to dig in more let things be know to my family. I do fear that they want to take my kid away from me if they find out. They would think Im a sexual freak and charge that at me.I ask people please do just talk to me listen to me as I have listen to you give me feed back please so I have ideals to run with.


Claire L Hallam said...

First, a lovely photo, you have a very relaxed and comfortable look. Second, you live in a great and diverse democratic country, you are not a freak, and being different is not a crime, if people do not like your appearence or choices that is their problem-you cannot be. There must be a support group near you, why not meet other girls and seek their advice-they will know the local situation.

Karen said...

Hi Laura,
I can't really add much to Claire's comment. Take your time and enjoy being you.
Thank you for your comments. The final one on my closed Limbo blog was a beautiful one to finish it.
Take care of yourself.
Karen x

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